Absolute Light

The seamless blending of art and science defines the Clarté Lighting Absolute Light.

•  Absolute = not subject to any limitation, omnipotent

An unlimited platform to create any desired effect from a single light fixture with the push of a recall button.


•  Warm dim from 3K at 100% of light to 2K at the lowest light level at .001%.


•  Tunable white from 1800K to 7000K.


•  Wellness light with sunrise or sunset effect, color matched from the island of Hawaii – Can be set from 18 seconds or up to 18 hours to rise or the setting of the sun.


•  16.7 million different colors with full saturation up or down of any selected color.

Our Absolute Light contains gamma corrected .001% dimming, displaying no color shift, using any of the preset color effects created with the push of the preset button.

The Absolute Light interface is a Non-DMX RGBW light fixture that is APPROVED to be utilized with any of the 10 control manufacturers’ product’s back end interface when connected to the Clarté Lighting Absolute Light.

Select by clicking on one of the following Lighting Controls Manufacturer for Integration Instructions:

  1.  AMX
  2.  Control 4
  3.  Crestron
  4.  Elan
  5.  Key Digital
  6.  Leviton
  7.  Lutron
  8.  On Controls
  9.  RTI
10.  Savant
 11. URC
12.  Vantage

We invite you to start exploring the unlimited possibilities of the Clarté Lighting Absolute Light with any of our 1” 2” or 3”, round or square, PAR8 or PAR16 scale optical array recessed fixture.

Absolute Light Wiring Schematic



Wires & Connectors

• ↓Phoenix Female Connector 1815329 (2 preinstalled per Absolute Light)

• ↓Phoenix Male Connector 170484 (integrator needs to order 2 per Absolute Light for installation)

• ↓Absolute Light Connector Video



• ↓Absolute Light Wiring Schematic – PAR16

• ↓Absolute Light Wiring Schematic – PAR8

• ↓Converging Systems – E-Node Gateway

• Meanwell – HDR-100-48 Spec (integrator needs to order 1 per ILC – 450)

• Converging Systems – ILC – 450

• ↓Installation of ILC-450 White Paper