About Us

“Clarté” in le trésor de la langue française = “clarity”

Clarté defines the visual possibilities of when a beam of light becomes so perfect that the true color, texture and architectural design of a space becomes clear.

Clarté has designed and tooled optics to provide LED illumination that mimics the aesthetics of a point light source. A strong center beam candle intensity, soft feathered edges and soft ambient fields of light overlay the beam field to improve the array fixture to fixture, with no visible imperfections.

Once a near perfect beam of light is created, the ability to add up to 3 or 4 accessories per Clarté LED fixture allows the lighting professional to create and manipulate the field of light to any desired shape, effect, and color per fixture visually.

Lastly, being able to add the RGBW spectrum of light to any fixture type per project creates seamless integration of architectural and theatrical lighting elements.

Everything and everyone looks better visually when illuminated with Clarté. There is a difference.


Mike Aubrey is the founder CEO and President of Aubrey Industries, Inc. DBA Clarté Lighting
Mike grew up working in the family lighting business throughout high school and college. He has been in the lighting industry for 35 years, with 19 years as Janmar Lighting’s President, CEO and shareholder. The transition from Janmar Lighting to Clarté Lighting allowed for a complete transformation from legacy light sources to 100% application based, theatrical and architectural LED lighting solutions.

What sets Clarté Lighting apart from the majority of the LED market is that Clarté has a 100% focus on application based, best in class, architectural lighting solutions that optically mimic the photometrics and aesthetics of a halogen light source. The key optical design principal was to maximize the CBCP (center beam candle power) to match or exceed that of a MR16/halogen light source. Clarté Lighting LED optics are designed and tooled in-house to match MR16/halogen light sources in color, beam and overall visual performance.

Mike Aubrey’s Clarté LED lighting solutions are designed, engineered and fabricated in the U.S.A in his own studio located along the San Gabriel Mountains in Azusa California. Hand assembled to meet the specific desires of the lighting design community.

Mike would like to invite you to take a look at lighting products and solutions offered from Clarté Lighting and introduce you to his customer service team of professionals to help you with your specific lighting needs. Come explore. Welcome back to a world of Clarté.