As of January 1, 2015 the following restocking charges will apply to all returns under $1,000.
Any return over $1,000 will require special factory approval.

We will not issue an RGA for any order over 90 days old.
We will not issue an RGA for any discontinued, special, or modified product.
We will not issue an RGA for any custom special product.

Reason for Return Restocking Charge
Return of material in original packaging within 90 days of the original PO
– Material didn’t fit
Return of material in original packaging within 30 days of the original PO 35%
Return of material with a new replacement PO that
is a like fixture faxed over with the RGA request.


Our Sample Policy is very flexible and we strongly encourage the purchase of samples. This will verify that you are receiving the proper product for your installation and to make sure you are receiving the proper light levels and aesthetics. We have no minimum and payment is not due on samples for 30 days, which gives customers plenty of time to decide on a product and to return the samples with no restocking charges. Ordering a large quantity of material that does not fit or give enough light is the responsibility of the distributor and a restocking charge will apply.


Of course if an order ships incorrectly and Clarté is responsible for that error, (material shipped was not what was ordered, items are defective) we will take responsibility for getting replacement out to you as soon as possible. However, you must go through the regular RGA process even if it is a Clarté error!


We are discontinuing our policy of accepting material at no restocking charge with a replacement order. The cost to process a return of any kind is a cost we must take into consideration when issuing an RGA .


Credit will not be issued until the material is returned and deemed to be in good working condition.


Clarté does not accept debit memos. Credit will be received within 5 days of receipt of product.


The RGA number must appear on all cartons or your return will be refused!
The RGA will no longer be valid after 60 days!