Product Design Principals


Clarté Lighting is a niche specialty application-based LED lighting manufacturer, focused on providing solutions that provide clean simple robust architectural designs.

Designs that blend seamlessly into a space, while providing Theatrical Lighting Functionality; Mood, Selective Focus, Modeling and Visibility performance appropriate for restaurant, hospitality, worship, residential, museum, Class A Office and all types of themed spaces along with Major Controllable Qualities of light; Intensity, Color, Direction and Movement. Designs blending aesthetics with ambiance supported by superior optical performance.

Our fixtures are designed and manufactured in Azusa, CA with a minimum 100,000+ LM70 life and 7-year warranty. 5 year warranty for all red, green, blue, amber, UV and RGBW LED offering.

Our fixture designs are modular, interchangeable and matching photometrically with 5 different sized LED matching optical arrays that can be selected as matching; surface, recessed, slot recessed multiple or track configuration. We offer 4 different field interchangeable beam spreads, 12 chromaticity LED varieties, 8 interchangeable beam shaping accessories with the ability to add up to 4 per fixture. Also, 3 mechanical configurations of each fixture type with matching new construction, remodel or retrofit versions with Customs Color Options;  up to 3300+ different fixture  color selections finishes for all fixtures offered. Your imagination is your only limitation.

Minimalist design, simple mechanics and interchangeable modular solutions that use the most advanced energy-efficient, sustainable LED light source are the design platform of Clarté Lighting. Ultimately, though, performance and aesthetics are our principal goals.

Our optical systems are unique in the industry and deliver more volume and CBCP (center beam candle power) of light as compared to other LED options in the market and yield a superior visual end result. Fewer Clarté fixtures are required to illuminate a space properly, allowing for the lowest ongoing operational expense. Clarté’s optimum lighting system results in a unique space with selective visual focus on key architectural or merchandising elements.