2 Lamp Surface Directional
PAR38 Scale Wattage Options
1650 Milliamp – 5000+ Lumens
>0-10V 1% Dimming
DMX .33% Dimming
PAR38 Scale Optic = 38/8 = 4.75

Integrate or Brand
INTEGRATE fixtures seamlessly into the architecture with a color that blends aesthetically or BRAND with a unique or bold color to create a visual statement.
<1% Dim to Off & Glow to On
Forward phase magnetic low voltage dimming down to 0.1% creating one of the industry's smoothest dimming profiles with a unique fade to OFF and glow to ON feature mimicking a tungsten halogen filamented light source.
Clarté RGBW
100% of Clarté fixtures available in RGBW with RDM DMX! Theatrical lighting designed to integrate seamlessly into architectural environments.
UV – Ultraviolet
100% of Clarté fixtures available in 365 or 390 nanometers.
LED Color Options
LED Chromaticity Options for 100% of Clarté Lighting fixtures.
Absolute Light
An unlimited platform to create any desired effect from a single light fixture with the push of a recall button

Lens Softener (LS)
+20 increases in beam width.
Shields optical face visually.
Softens edges of beam.
Cross Hair Louver (CHL)
Small black cross hair louver, eliminates all surface brightness. Creates stronger vertical cut off with -20% beam width.
Linear Spread Lens (LSL)
Horizontal or vertical beam elongation.
Paracube Louver (PL)
Wide Flood Lens (WFL)
Wall washing increases the beam by 50% width with the elimination of center beam.
Halogen (H)
150 Kelvin lower. 2700k – 2550K
Dimmed Halogen (DH)
300 Kelvin lower. 2700k – 2400K
Louver (LV)
Small black hexcel louver elimniates all surface brightness. Creates stronger vertical cut off with -20% beam width.